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Monday morning started as usual, same old thing, to be fair it didn’t matter that it was Monday, it could have been any day of the week. I muttered under my breath “Groundhog Day” and that’s exactly what it felt like. Day in, day out, mundane, predictable, rushed. Each day has a slight variation from the next but all in all they are much of a muchness. Wake up, feed the baby, give both babies their breakfast, clean up the breakfast mess, get showered, get the girls ready, partake in a morning activity, come home, give the girls lunch, clean up the mess after lunch, story time, babies down for their naps, tidy the house/iron/food shopping, girls get up, give them a snack… You get the picture, right?

Well, it appeared that the universe heard my mutterings of ungratefulness and decided it was going to throw hand me something rather different to deal with. I got a phone call offering me some work, which I readily accepted. The unfortunate thing was it was 2 whole weeks of work. So going from not working for over 2 years I was thrown in the deep end. Right before Christmas I could neither turn down the money or the opportunity. Knowing in the back of my mind I wanted to work with children again in some capacity, the work involved intervention with year 7 students. There was a lot of child care juggling over the 2 weeks and my family were amazing. I LOVED being away from the girls, in a good way. It reminded me that I was me, not just someone’s mummy. And the time I had with the girls seemed more exciting because I so looked forward to seeing them. Although, I don’t know if I could do full time all the time, it did show me that you can do anything when you need to. If the need ever arose I know I could work full time and manage a house and children.

Following my 2 weeks of working with year 7’s it confirmed my idea that I had to find an avenue to working with children again but in a capacity that I could make a difference. There was many nights of deep discussions and planning and ideas. I put it out to the universe that I wanted to study again and within a week or so, I received a phone call from my mum, telling me about a house near one door but one from her.

It seemed a scary prospect to move from a fairly affluent, good school boasting South Manchester suburb to a well known area, that well should we say is not a fairly affluent, good school boating South Manchester suburb. BUT it would mean we could downsize and save a lot of money each month. Obvs, there was the advantage of being extremely close to my mum and all that comes with that. I know that’s not a lot of people’s ideal, but we get on well and she is amazing with the girls.

We made the decision to move and at the end of November we shifted all our shit (most of which refused to go up the stairs in our modern, new build). Awesome! I could bore you with all the reasons why the move has since proven to be a good one, but this post is already dragging on and I’m sure you want to get to the point of it all.

Well, since moving I completed my UCAS application and I am currently waiting for decisions from both Manchester metropolitan and Salford universities regarding degree courses I’ve applied for. I’ve opted for full time study, mainly because I like working under pressure and more likely because I’m stupid and completely underestimate the level of work I need to do. My mum will be chief of child care. I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

I have also taken on some more intervention work, this time with year 11’s, just one day per week, helping them with exam prep. This has concreted my decision that I want to teach. So here’s to the next four years of study! Wish me luck.

And so, in conclusion, just be careful next time you’re having a little moan about how boring and uninteresting your life seems. You never know what is around the corner and how quickly life can do a 360. Without getting too spiritual on y’all… If you believe a miracle will happen, just make sure you’re ready to take the miracle on.