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Three weeks ago Miss Mouse decided she was no longer going to wear nappies. At 22 months I was no where near ready for her to be removing the nappies herself but it didn’t really come as a shock either as she has ALWAYS decided when she is doing things, she self weaned from breastfeeding (except her bedtime feed) at 9 months, she dresses herself and tells me what she will be doing and when. Her key worker at nursery also to us that she likes to keep the other children in check making sure they are doing what they should be.

So reluctantly I hid away the pull ups and bought some more knickers and stocked up on disinfectant and rubber gloves. My mum really encouraged me and I respect her mother of 5 guidance but was hoping I could start the Training in the summer. Alas, no!

Our first week she was naked from the waist down and we tried to stay home as much as possible, using pull ups when we left the house. Getting her used to the feel of wee and poo. Wee was no problem and she nailed it straight away. Pooing not so much! She was really upset by the whole situation, I don’t blame her as I was just as perturbed! There was a few near misses and muchos carpet cleaning. Luckily downstairs is wooden floors but upstairs of course is where she preferred to shit is all cream carpet! Joy!

Week 2 I started with knickers on and let her keep them on for a while post pee accident so she could feel the difference between that and having a nappy on. At first, it seemed this was going to be a very long process and again I attempted to stay housebound as much as possible as much for my own sanity and to make it as easy and comfortable for mouse. By the end of the week she seemed to be good with knickers on and asking for a wee or poo when she needed one.

Week 3 and I dared to leave the house. Playgroup on Monday was a success until we got to the car and she pissed all over the (new) car mats. Tuesday there was not one accident all day and so off she went to nursery on the Wednesday with 5 changes of clothes. She returned in nursery spares and about 3 sets of nursery spares in her bag. Not a good day then. Of course I immediately started to doubt my decision and my conviction wavered!

By the end of this week it’s apparent that she can do it, but struggles when she involved in something more important. At friends house for lunch today and she totted up 3 wee’s and 1 poo on the floor. Thank sweet Jesus they had wooden floors throughout.

So tomorrow we commence week 4, spare knickers aplenty and an increased feeling of fear, not knowing where her next accident might be. Wish me luck.