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Ah the perfect opportunity for some much needed R&R… Yea right! 3 days before we’re due to leave rainy Manchester Nessy Pip comes out in chickenpox, lengthy discussions about whether to come on holiday or stay at home occur. We finally decide that we would head to South Wales, take the chance and make the week as good as possible for Miss Mouse.

Making the decision to take a chickenpoxed baby on holiday seemed the least of our problems on the drive here, We had 4 vom stops with Maisy. We contemplated turning back…Several times! But she was requesting the farm (??) and cottage shop (cross between cottage and coffee shop)! We arrived at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire at around 3.15pm and you can’t get into accommodation until 4.30pm, but there is big activity centre for kids.

So we park up & the heavens open, torrential rain like you literally can not get out of the car. Entertaining Miss Mouse while trying to breastfeed & change a spotty baby in a hot over packed car was not our idea of fun! Rain stops after about 20 mins and as we’re trying to dig the pusher out from the boot Miss Mouse announces she needs a poo! We don’t get potty out in time and she’d already done it, luckily she had a nappy on! So we do a nappy change in the car & eventually are ready to head to activity centre.

We take wrong turn and it takes us ages to get there. Full of kids and total sensory over load, just the kind of place that makes Miss Mouse go a little bit mental! By time we get in there and coats off it is of course time to leave and get back to car for barrier opening. All the while we’re trying to keep Nessy Pip as concealed as possible due to the lurgee, taking it in turns to walk around outside with her! We head back to the car (maisy walking) takes forever, massive traffic queues and Gary tells me I have toilet roll sticking out my trousers. Yep that’s right! At that point I can’t see the funny side anymore and I cry! Sunnies pulled on and I just sob! It was enough, nothing else could go wrong could it?! Back at the car we can’t get the pusher back in so Gaz is at boiling point! We’re on the brink of an enormous argument, but somehow manage to hold it together, perhaps if we had not been surrounded by millions of other people who looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves unlike us, we probably we have been filing for divorce by now.

Finally we get to the cottage and start unpacking. Miss Mouse breaks the tv but we manage to make some tea things settle a bit. Beer is opened and life feels a whole lot better, suddenly Miss Mouse shits on the floor…. of course she does! At this point I am questioning why oh why we would put ourselves through this! Swift bedtime for both babies, feet up and wine poured. TV (fixed by Gaz) turned up to drown out the begging from my not quite 2 year old, saying she now wants to go home!! After about a bottle of wine, I can start to see the funny side of things, well maybe just a little bit. Here’s hoping all of our bad luck is out of the way on the first day!