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8 weeks in and I’m still alive and more importantly so are both of my children. This pleases me greatly for many reasons. I feel like I’ve finally popped out of the post birth bubble and I’m starting to feel human and heading towards something that vaguely resembles a routine!

It isn’t until the bubble has burst that you realise there was a bubble in the first place. It’s been a rocky 8 weeks with a lot of health issues. Nothing serious but not particularly pleasant either. After a very calm entrance into the world poor little Nessy Pip’s first few weeks of life have been fraught with illness.

I can confirm we’re on the up though. I am out of the haze of “I’ve just had a baby” and the newborn newness just isn’t quite so new anymore. I’ve gone through the doing everything for the first time with both of them and we’ve all survived (just). Miss mouse seems calmer too, compared to the average 21 month old she is still hard going and tiring but I feel I’m understanding her better. I generally feel like I’m doing not a bad job as a mama, and dare I say enjoying it!

I still look at others mums who have 2 kids and think they know I’m an amateur. I still second guess myself all the time but in comparison to first time around I am far less neurotic and paranoid. Although I’m having my moments. Basically I am giving myself a huge pat on the back here and it feels good.

Here’s to another 8 weeks of survival!