Baby Beanz hit 34 weeks on Friday and I had a midwife appointment which went really, really well. I seen a different midwife to the one I’d seen on previous appointments and had to run through the whole wanting a home birth….AGAIN! She wanted to know why I had such a long labour with Miss Mouse and why they’d used forceps. I tried to be very upbeat about it all, if she smelled any fear, she’d jump on it and tell me I’d have to go to hospital. She checked my piss, all normal, BP perfect and my HB level from my last blood tests was perfect too. I had been a little worried it would be low as I was quite anaemic near the end of my last pregnancy and I’d started feeling a but dizzy and out of breath the last few weeks. It seems those 3 pints of Guinness per day are paying off! 😉

Up on the bed she checked baby’s heartbeat and it once again managed to bring tears to my eyes, ah that sound just makes me so happy, so healthy and strong. She quizzed me again on my previous 3 losses and said that it wasn’t normal to allow a home birth following 3 miscarriages. I smiled and explained that the twin miscarriage was different as it was caused by twin to twin transference syndrome. It gets a little tiring trying to keep defending your decisions. Everything I read or hear about is that home births are being encouraged and yet I feel like I’m really having to fight for one. They have finally made a note in my notes that we want a home birth and have made an appointment for two weeks time to visit us at home.

Good news is, baby is head down and obviously getting ready for her arrival. We seem pretty set on her name and my bump is getting VERY big. I’ve had a couple of “you’re massive” comments the last week or so and much as I appreciate I am bigger than when I am not pregnant, I really don’t need reminded by others. I am reminded every day when I try and find something that fits and is comfortable. Cheers for that!

So where the hell has the last 18 months gone? Seriously, sorting out baby clothes this week, I wept that my first bubba was wearing these teeny tiny clothes a year and half ago. How did this happen? Some days I want to press pause and keep her just the way she is and other days I could quite happily fast forward a week or so, a teething toddler will have that effect on you! Miss Mouse has just emerged from a couple of weeks of virus hell and cutting molars and she is so adorable when she is her usual cheery self. Today she’s made my giggle until my sides hurt, prancing up and down in her sunglasses, posing for daddy and I.

She’s doing great at nursery and came home with the cutest Christmas cards that she had painted, they were purchased immediately. She’s got most of her colours off and is learning new words at an incredible rate, although this backfires at times. Since last weekend she has been calling me “Jodie”, I did not go through 9 months of pregnancy and 36 hours of labour to be called “Jodie” by my daughter! As her mummy I am so blinded by her cuteness, it’s so hard to understand how I’ll love another bubba as much as I love her.

I’m still struggling with her face grabbing and scratching and she had a couple of episodes at nursery, the teacher had to have a word with me. We’re dealing with it in a similar way to them and “time out” does seem to be working, but I still think she’s so little, a lot of the time it is out of sheer frustration. It is so embarrassing though when she does it to other kids, and I spend most of the time apologising and making her apologise, or having to follow her around whenever I take her anywhere so I can intercept any potential strikes. No relaxing time for this mama when Miss Mouse is around!

I am loving the mounting excitement for Christmas and countdown to the birth, big changes are occurring with hubs and his work, a little stressful but it will all come good, it always does.

Lots of loves and thanks for reading. Xxx