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So Open University module is COMPLETE. Woohoo…if ever there was a time I NEEDED champers in my life it was the day I submitted my last assignment. It was such a RELIEF! Now, just need to wait until the results come through in December, luckily I have a few things to distract me between now and then. Thought it was time I updated you about Baby Beanz and Miss Mouse…

Baby Beanz is now 30 weeks and it’s that amazing time where the alien like movements start, especially on an evening when I am sitting doing NOTHING! She wriggles and kicks and reminds me she is there. We play little games, she follows my hand and responds to my touch and voice. It is so incredible, I now know, that it doesn’t matter whether you’ve done this before or not, it is still OUT OF THIS WORLD! People everywhere around me seem to be pregnant or having babies and thank goodness I am, otherwise I would be crazy BROODY right now. We’ve decided not to attack the new nursery until after Christmas, financially it makes more sense and she won’t be in the for the first few months, so it really makes no difference. I am fully into maternity clothes now and every now and again, I sneak on a non-maternity top, only to quickly whip it off as it won’t fit over my bump. No stretch marks to report…YET! I didn’t get any last time, so I am hoping I will be safe again this time. Daddy Beanz is helping me with my hypnobirthing techniques, the course has finished now, so it’s down to us to practice, practice, practice. Anyone reading this used it successfully through birth??

Baby Beanz Bump at 30 weeks

The beautiful Miss Mouse is now 17 months and she is such a gem. We had a bout of teething last week or so and I wanted to disown her. Then a HUGE molar appeared and all was forgiven. She is loving nursery, which is such a relief as we moved her from one that I wasn’t happy with. She gets up and ready happily and loves the workers there, so I no longer feel guilty for shipping her off 2 mornings a week! Her speech is coming on great, her vocab is amazing, she’s started on her colours now and points everything out and shouts a colour at it, usually the wrong one, but she’s trying. Counting is funny, also as she shouts the numbers in any random order and sometimes comes out with the right final number. Teaching her is such a joy to me as she clearly LOVES to learn. Painting and drawing seem to be her favourite activities of late and we have some new wall patterns to keep us entertained while she’s asleep. She has just figured out she can get out of her bed by sliding past the bed guard, we knew it was only a matter of time. Lying in bed this morning, I heard a little voice in the hallway shouting “mummy”, very cute, wandering through the dark to come and find me. I am still struggling to deal with the face grabbing she keeps doing with other kids, some days are much better than others and she just doesn’t bother. Everything is HERS and this seems to be the trigger for hurting other children. I just try and keep in mind that it is a phase, but it doesn’t really make it any less embarrassing when she does it. *sigh*

Miss Mouse at 17 months

And so, Hallowe’en is soon to be upon us, 1 party today and 1 on Monday, outfit for Mouse is sorted and then it’s countdown to Christmas….YAY!

Thanks for reading. x x