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Dear Blog (and anyone that can be arsed reading it),

I am truly sorry that I have been neglecting you of late. I have lots of excuses that I will attempt to share with you. Also, I want you to know that this is only temporary and I will endeavour to pay you more attention in the next few weeks and months, only I need you to understand that it is not personal, it’s me NOT you. It seems that to make myself appear more interesting than I truly am, I decide to fill my small and meaningless life with lots of seemingly important and interesting things.

Firstly, I have just under two weeks to complete my final assignment for my Open University course and as usual I have left it to the VERY last minute to do and I am stressing like you wouldn’t believe. Let me get through this and get it submitted and things will seem a lot easier and brighter. I am struggling to find what I want to say in my assignment, something that seems to be reflected in many areas of my life right now, but that is a WHOLE other blog!

My next excuse is that I have been doing my Hypnobirthing course over 5 weeks and I have just two weeks left, this has meant LOTS and LOTS of breathing and relaxation practice and a book to read in that time too. Trying to get the practice in while hubs is around and absorb everything I need to before bubba number two shows her gorgeous face is proving taxing. This is both time consuming and seems to have brought up a few demons along the way. Luckily, those demons are being dealt with and I am moving forward in a positive way.

Oh yea and then there is the small matter of Miss Mouse, she erm, seems to be getting ever so slightly, erm, how do I say this…DEMANDING? I am sure she is becoming more aware that our ALONE time is limited and therefore is pulling all strings possible to PUSH me over the proverbial edge. It doesn’t seem to take much these days, I dread to think what my mental state would be like if I wasn’t practising relaxation techniques every few hours.

And lastly, I will use my growing body as an excuse, my +1 seems to drain my mental and physical energy, so by 7pm when the delightful Miss Mouse is asleep, my body cares for nothing more than a comfy sofa, trashy TV and large brew. Baby bump is growing nicely and I have lots I’d like to tell you in more detail and lots of photo’s I’d like to share, but I just don’t seem to get around to uploading and sharing. All in good time.

Anyway, I hope you accept my humble apologies and believe me when I say this distance between us won’t last forever, you are always in my thoughts and I do care for you deeply, I just wish I had more hours in my day or perhaps more brain space at the end of my day but life is taking over at the moment and I hope you accept my pathetic excuses.

All my love

Jodes x x