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I love my husband dearly, he cares for me in every way possible, I literally want for nothing. Sometimes, I find this just a little suffocating though! I know I am more grumpy because I am pregnant, but it seems the grumpier I am the more he “tries” to please me. All I want is to be left alone, left alone to my miserable self and when I am good and ready then I will smile and laugh and act like a happy wife. But for now, for god’s sake give me some space.

For instance, last night we’re sitting on the sofa, shitty TV on it the background and he’s engrossed in some game on his phone and I am busy minding my own business, tweeting and the like. Suddenly, he slides on over to my SIDE of the sofa and puts his face in my phone and asks “what you doing?”

I think it’s pretty freaking obvious what I’m doing. I’ll tell you what I am not doing, I am NOT having a conversation with you and I am NOT getting amourous with you! 

“Nothing much, you?” I reply. “Just thought I’d come over here and say HI and have some cuddles”. I attempt at this point to be completely disinterested in anything he has just said and carry on with my phone. Oh, but he’s still there, right in my space, breathing on me, chatting to me and just generally pissing me off! Eventually he gets the hint and slides to his end of the sofa. I am sorry if you are sitting there reading this thinking what a bitch I am, all he wants is some affection. Yes I know that but hello, I am with child, feeling very uncomfortable and moody, he needs to get his affection fill elsewhere.

In Paris a couple of months ago, small PDA’s were acceptable for photo purposes only!

We head to bed a little later and he asks politely if I’d like a snuggle, I mumble some half arsed reply, and yet there he is arms and legs all over me. I try and explain very gently that I am feeling very uncomfy tonight perhaps not so much arm over my belly action as I am feeling a little restrained. He obliges and then about half an hour later tries to do exactly the same thing. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Don’t get me wrong I love cuddling and affection, but I have always been a person that needs their own space and very aware of my personal space. Why do our other halfs assume that because we are together we must also be all over each other and that my rules about personal space don’t apply to him?? As I explained to him yesterday sharing my body with one other person at any one time is more than enough, thank you!