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I have second pregnancy syndrome, where you don’t give the growing bump the same attention you gave the first one. I remember when I was pregnant with Miss Mouse, we discussed what she was doing every single day, talking to her and imagining what life was going to be like when she arrived. This time around, it seems less exciting and for that I feel bad. We wanted another baby quickly and yet somehow the reality of that decision seems VERY troubling. As each week goes by, we almost forget that we are another week pregnant and we seem to celebrate half heartedly by finding out what the baby has grown that week.

Baby Number 2, 21 week Bump

So we’ve made it to 21 weeks, well almost 22 now and she seems happy enough hiding away in my womb, not bothering me too much apart from making me need to wee loads. Much more than I remember with Miss Mouse. Then she seems to wait until everyone else is settled on an evening and BOOM! She is awake, kicking and turning and punching and reminding me that she is still there and in need of some attention. It feels like that’s the only time she gets to be noticed properly without her 15 month old sister jumping on her on prodding her or screaming about something inconsequential. That seemingly brief half an hour to an hour on an evening seem so precious and I always feel quite sad that it’s maybe the only recognition I’ve given her all day. I know this will all change when she arrives but I can’t help but feel I should be paying her more attention.

My cheeky 15 month old

Miss Mouse has made it to 15 months and don’t we know it? This last couple of months she seems to be absorbing so much, everyday is pretty amazing with her. It tires me, trying to keep up with her thirst for knowledge. She is saying so many words and putting two or three words together, she asks what things are by pointing at them so she can copy what you say. She is counting to ten with some help and loves sitting at her little table to scribble away. Bedtimes are getting easier, we were going through a phase of not settling for over an hour but most nights it’s about 20 minutes. Horrid molars are causing her pain and we’ve had a couple of very grumpy days where only Mummy cuddles seem to help.

My gorgeous girl

Miss Mouse starts nursery in three weeks and although I’ll be sad, I think she is ready for it and I need a break! She will only be going two mornings a week but I need to do something other than sing nursery rhymes and draw flowers for a while.

I know I am biased but everyday she makes me smile and laugh and reminds me what a blessing she is to us. I can’t really get my head around having two small people around and being able to love another as much as I love Mouse. How does it work?