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We spent yesterday at the Just So Festival in Cheshire, we deliberated for ages about whether to go or not as the tickets are quite pricey and we didn’t know if Miss Mouse was going to be a bit young, although under 3’s went free. We took the plunge and purchased the tickets on Saturday, looked at the programme and picked out a few things that we knew Miss Mouse would like. Take a little look at their website, www.justsofestival.org.uk it’s pretty cool. The idea behind it is that it’s child friendly festival and being festival goer’s ourselves pre-parenthood, we’re always keen to find things that muster up that same feeling of togetherness and community but that are safe and suitable for children.

Early start!

We weren’t really sure what to expect and we packed up the car with summer and winter clothes, shoes, wellies, waterproofs, child carriers, pushchairs, food, drinks, rugs, towels, camp chairs, etc, etc. We also took my little car as the service light had come on in Gary’s the day before. I’m pretty sure the back end was trailing a little on the floor with all the “just in case” stuff we’d tried to cram in! It was only 45 minute journey and easy to find, we used the baby carrier to begin with as we worried that ground would be too muddy or to rough with the pushchair and I’d read the festival was quite a walk from the car park. It wasn’t really very far at all and Miss Mouse came out of the carrier as soon as we got to the festival. There was so much to take in at first and we kind of wandered around aimlessly not really sure what to do with ourselves. Eventually we bought a programme and took Miss Mouse to all the under 3 stuff. It was ok, but perhaps a little young for her. Next we ventured into “The Wild Things” set in the trees with den building going on, too old for Mouse, to be honest she was more than happy foraging in the sticks and eating stuff off the ground. There were beds dotted around and lamps hanging from trees all very magical and inspiring.


We wandered over to a makeshift choir and I was happily getting involved with the singing and dancing as was Mouse. Gary was slightly more reluctant but seemed to loosen up and join in as we went on. We learnt a couple of new songs and then the leader dropped it on us that she wanted us to perform in front of people in the main are. The performer in me leaped for joy! Hooray, I’d been discovered! I seen the panic across Gary’s face and he said “are we doing that?” “why not?” I replied and off we went. We loved it and so did Miss Mouse, grooving the African song we were belting out, no idea what the words meant but it didn’t really matter.

We wandered and watched some more, the heavens opened, we changed into out “wet” gear and headed for some lunch. Loads to choose from, queues weren’t ridiculous as I think loads took their own food, especially if they were camping, only downside was we had to eat in the rain as there were no seats in the sheltered area. Just meant we ate fast! Washed down with hot chocolate topped with cream…YUM!

Me and my growing bump…next year there’ll be 4! Not sure I’m ready!

We went for a bit of a boogie in Jittabugs and Miss Mouse was starting to get grumpy with tiredness, so we bunged her in her pusher and strolled around the whole of the festival site while she had a snooze. Through pirate training and discovering fairy queens, I wished Miss Mouse was a little older to fully appreciate it. We had a lovely day all in all, a tad expensive, but very well thought out and put together. We will most definitely be going next year, possibly camping but we’ll check the weather nearer the time as I am a fair weather camper!