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Doesn’t the sunshine make you feel so happy? I feel like I am on cloud 9, I also have loads of things to be happy for and therefore have an added bounce in my step right now. Here are a few things that are making me smile…

Who isn’t loving this weather? I get to play outside with Miss Mouse and tire her out more, so she sleeps better. I am getting to wear all my summer dresses which are so much more comfy than too tight jeans or maternity trousers that continually fall down. I just love the sun kissing my skin and immediately feeling my vitamin D levels increase.

LOVING the Olympics, it’s made me feel so proud to be British and I think we’re doing a fantastic job as host nation. For such a small nation we are doing so well and I admire all the athletes taking part and giving everything they’ve got. GO TEAM GB!

I am ploughing through Goldie Hawn’s book “10 Mindful Minutes” it’s half price on Amazon at the minute, an excellent investment I’d say. Nice and simple and easy to understand for the less intelligent among us, i.e ME! Some startling statistics regarding children in the UK being some of the unhappiest in the world. I look at Miss Mouse and I just wonder how that’s possible, all she seems to do is smile, long may it last!

I am loving finally getting some multi vitamins that don’t make me heave after I’ve taken them. Recommended by my good friend Amy Davis, check out her site www.greathealthnaturally.co.uk she is so knowledgeable and so helpful, she alway brightens my day. She has previously helped me with Gary’s diet and skin condition and has helped me with Miss Mouse and making sure she has the right supplements. I really struggled taking any supplements previous to “Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal” but they’re are 100% natural and my body agrees. One less thing to worry about being pregnant.

Of course, I am loving being pregnant and very happy at the news of another girl, feeling very blessed.

And finally…I am loving my yoga. I managed to get to a class last night and enjoyed it so much, it’s not a pregnancy specific class, but I felt so relaxed and stretched afterwards. Miss Mouse and I also do Toddler Yoga on Monday’s which I love too, she does an awesome downward dog, I wish I had her flexibility!

All in all I am one happy bunny…what’s making you happy right now? x x