To know or not to know? Let me tell you I am firstly far too nosey and secondly I like to be organised, so YES I want to know what sex my baby will be. More importantly baby number 2 is absolutely fine, heart beating, and all as it should be.

We just got back from the hospital about half an hour ago, have let the family know the news and now it’s sinking in. Baby was fast asleep when we first went in and we could only see the spine and back of the head so we were sent away to have a sugar fix to get things moving. I was of course worried by this and was suspecting something more sinister, but Gary assured me he had seen the heartbeat and a few little hand movements. We returned after a quick sugar fix and of course baby was then doing it’s own version of they Olympics in my tummy.

And so… my disappointment (only because it means I have lost a bet to my husband) we have been blessed with another gorgeous baby girl. I am shocked as I was convinced it was a boy as I am carrying so different to Miss Mouse, but now it’s sinking in I am over the moon. I would have been made up either way, this way it’s just a bit cheaper! YAY!

Now I can sort that box of clothes that’s been hanging around in my spare room and start organising the nursery and making lists and planning and cleaning and oooooh just generally getting ready for the arrival of my second daughter. Eeeeeeeek!