So many times I’ve heard people say how quickly babies grow up and yet when it’s your own and you’re in the middle of them just being a baby you just keep wanting the next step or the next stage. Willing them on to do more, learn more and be more interactive. Then you stop and look and you realise you forgot to take a photo or a video of that thing they don’t do anymore because they’ve moved on and you know it’s too late.

I always feel regretful about things, always feel I could have done better, worked harder, made more of a difference. I had one of these moments last weekend. After much deliberation and advice seeking, we decided it was time to change Miss Mouse from her cot to her cot bed. The main reason was that I was struggling to bend over the cot side to put her in and take her out. We picked Saturday morning to make the change so we had the weekend to monitor it and had it have a stupid move, we could have put the cot back up ready for Monday if we needed to.

As I went into the room to dismantle the cot, I stood and looked at it and started welling  up, I looked at Miss Mouse and realised she wasn’t my little baby anymore, she is now a beautiful, capable, intelligent toddler. It broke my heart. I didn’t even cry this much when I gave up breastfeeding. It just seemed to hit me like a bus. This then prompted a baby photo session print off and a good old reminisce. As much as I miss the little baby that she was I am so in love with the child she has become. It would just be nice to freeze frame sometimes.

She has been great in her new bed, and although I was worried about it being a bit early, she’s taken it in her stride and happily gets into bed for her naps and at nighttime. The last stage of her babyhood has gone, at least it’s not long until I get to put the cot back up.