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Yes that is the course that I am currently studying through Open University, which I did of course start with great gusto and I am now half way through wondering what the hell I am doing! The first section was on poetry which I love, so my first assignment although stressful came back as a PASS! Yay for me. I have been studying the History section for the last couple of weeks and my brain is just not computing what I am trying to put in. I have sat for the last week or so now trying to kick start the essay.

Today I finally started my Essay Plan, I am already over the word count and although I have typed some words onto a screen I really have made no connection with it, nor can I see it in any way shaping up to become an actual essay that is coherent and comprehensive *sighs*. Anybody know much about the Chartist movement and fancy writing an essay for me?

I keep doing a little bit each day in the hope that the next day it will just click and as if by magic I will have an essay ready for submission. I will keep my fingers crossed or if anyone can in some way give me a huge kick up the arse to get going with it, I may hate you for a little bit but I will no doubt thank you in the long run.